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Ordering gold

How can I order gold?

Click on Osrs, Rs3 or Rsps Gold located at the top nav bar, enter how much gold you’re looking to buy, select a payment method and checkout!

Where can I see my active orders?

Click the bag icon located at the top right of the nav bar to view all active orders. Once your order is completed, it will disappear. Click the order title that's bolded to view that order's confirmation page.

I ordered, what next?

Once you've ordered, you will automatically be taken to an order confirmation page. Follow the instructions and click the "Contact Live Chat" button to speak to one of our agents regarding your order.

Where can I view all of my historical orders?

For this you must have an account. Simply login and click the user icon located at the top right of the nav bar, and click My orders.

Selling gold to us

How can I sell gold?

Click on Osrs, Rs3 or Rsps Gold located at the top nav bar. Then click the Sell Gold button, the amount of gold your selling and click the Sell Gold button! You'll be redirected to a confirmation page where you can click Contact Live Chat to speak to one of our agents to process your order.

What payment methods do you payout with?

We can pay you in Crypto, Zelle or Cash App for your gold.

Loyalty points

How can I earn loyalty points?

You can earn loyalty points by buying gold from us or selling gold to us! You can easily see how many loyalty points you'll earn on your order before checking out by looking at the Loyalty Points section in the Order Summary of the checkout page.

What can I use loyalty points on?

Click on the Loyalty Program tab located at the top nav bar to view different rewards you can claim with your loyalty points! Once you click claim on a reward, an order will be created and cost of the reward will be deducted from your loyalty points. Contact our live chat to pick up your reward.

Referral Program

How can I find my referral code?

When you create an account with us, you are automatically given a unique referral code that you can change to whatever you'd like! Click the user icon located at the top right of the nav bar to view and change your referral code and to view the payout details.

What is the referral program?

You can invite others to buy gold using your referral code to get extra gold. When someone successfully orders using your code, you will get paid in loyalty points. You get paid X amount of loyalty points for X amount of code usages automatically once you've reached the payout threshold.


Are there any returns or exchanges?

No. All sales are final on all of our products and services.

What if I get banned post-trade?

We are not responsible for any bans that occur after buying or selling gold to us.